Corporate housing, corporate apartments, executive apartments, serviced apartments, temporary housing…what’s the difference?

When looking for a corporate apartment, you may come across multiple terms: corporate accommodation, executive apartment, apartment with services, serviced apartment, but is there a difference?   Technically, all these terms refer to the same thing, apartments that are fully equipped and serviced aimed at temporarily posted professionals. These types of apartments have grown in […]

Natural cosmetics and animal welfare

The Body Shop: a cosmetics company unlike any other  Anita Roddick  Born in Great Britain in 1942, she came from a modest family of Italian origin. Her training as a teacher led her to travel around the world working for the United Nations. Her first experience with her own business turned out to be a […]

The cities of the future should unite beauty, culture and urban planning

Anna Gener Surrell Anna Gener’s interests go beyond real estate management. The CEO of one of the leading real estate consultancies in our country, Savills Aguirre Newman and member of Barcelona Global, talks to us about the cities of tomorrow. Anna Gener is also committed to the social, cultural and economic life of Barcelona. She […]

Innovation at the service of cosmetics

A woman who revolutionised the concept of beauty One of this international businesswoman’s mantras was “to be beautiful is every woman’s birthright”, this is how she decided to dedicate herself to improving women’s appearance and lives by defying the effects of time on their skin.  Today, that idea may seem misplaced, true, but to understand […]

A talk with our guests: Paco Azorín

Coming to your apartments is feeling like at home. You don’t have to think about anything, everything works.   Today we introduce our new “Talks with guests” section, and we have the pleasure of doing it with one of our most loyal clients: Paco Azorín. Paco Azorín is an award-winning Spanish stage director, set designer, […]

For this innovative energy company, people must come first

Carlota Pi Amorós For this 44-year-old Barcelona native, making the world a better place is a business premise. With sparkling eyes that stand out above her anti-Covid mask, she tells me about an innovative project that has revolutionised the energy sector. Founder of Holaluz together with her two partners, Oriol Vila and Ferran Nogué, this […]

The self-made entrepreneur

Rosalía Mera Goyenechea The story of Rosalía Mera Goyenechea is that of a woman of humble origins who became one of the most important businesswomen in the world. She was born in 1944 in A Coruña. A Galician entrepreneur, like our very own pioneer M. Luz Morales. She was only eleven years old when she […]

The best business idea is the one that provides a solution to a problem

Elena Gómez del Pozuelo Elena is an entrepreneur from Madrid who has lived in the province of Barcelona for more than twenty years. With a tranquil look and a calm voice, she conveys serenity as she talks about how and why she created and, two business ideas of which she is the founder […]

The Great Lady of Spanish Journalism

A life dedicated to writing and journalism Mª Luz Morales was born in A Coruña in 1889. She was the first woman in Spain to run a national general information newspaper,  La Vanguardia. Her family moved to Barcelona when she was just a child and although she never lost touch with her Galician roots, she […]

Business trips with a European technology entrepreneur

Victoria Hernández Valcárcel It has been difficult to get Victoria Hernández to spare me a couple of hours. Her far-flung business trips around the world are part of the daily life of this tireless traveller and entrepreneur from Barcelona. Her professional life takes her all over the world, and when I finally manage to get […]

The first businesswoman in Spain

Caterina Llull y Sabastida, our role model Our entrepreneur, who lived in the 15th century, is an example to all women. The records of the time state that her name was Caterina Llull y Sabastida, that she was born sometime around the year 1440 and that she came from a bourgeois family in Barcelona’s commercial […]

We are the first Spanish company exclusively specialized in corporate apartments with a feeling of home.


We are the first Spanish company exclusively specialized in corporate apartments with a feeling of home.