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Work, Wander, and Reside in Spain’s Finest Cities

At Caterina, we are dedicated to paving the way for digital nomads and corporate professionals to live in Spain's most desirable locations. Choose your city, select your apartment, and embark on a journey where work and pleasure connect with grace.


Dive into the artistic soul of the trendy art and lively music that this city has to offer. Between Gaudí's colorful masterpieces and the iconic streets of Las Ramblas, our Barcelona locations present a blend of cultural richness and unique accommodations.


From the scenic views of their grand plazas to the pleasant atmosphere of their parks, Spain’s capital has a lot to discover. Our Madrid residences spread authenticity within this diverse city, filled with popular history and contemporary attractions.


Embrace the coastal beauty of Málaga. Our properties in this welcoming and radiant city of Andalusia combine the relaxation of beachside living and leisure, so be prepared to live the excitement of an energetic and elegant lifestyle.

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