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Daughter, Wife, Mother, and Believe It or Not... an Entrepreneur since 1460


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Caterina Llull i Sabastida

Caterina Llull Sabastida is someone who became an inspiration to women all around the world because of her hard work and dedication. She was born in 1440 to a notable family in Barcelona, but got her foot in the industry when she married Joan Sabastida in 1460 and moved to Sicily with her husband and four children. This is truly where her journey began as a businesswoman.

In 1471, eleven years after her marriage to Sabastida, she became a widow. Fortunately, Caterina decided to obey her late husband's wishes and take over his business. In a humbling discovery, she realized that this is where she thrives. She showcased her management skills in the export-import industry across cities such as Catalonia, Sicily, and Crete, and fought to create an empire for herself.

Although Caterina was successful in her business endeavors, she was constantly working through obstacles to prove herself to others. However, she continued to navigate ways to triumph in the courts of popular cities and gain her rights to justice. The early 1480s marked a homecoming as she made her way home back to Barcelona. This resulted in her determined spirit and pioneering leadership, inspiring many businesses and generations to come.

  • Caterina Llull Sabastida’s Legacy

    In 1440, Caterina Llull Sabastida was born in the La Ribera neighborhood in Barcelona, Spain. As a woman, she was subjected to limited resources in the business industry, where the roles and expectations for women were unjust and predetermined. Yet, she would not these norms define her. She pushed through uncomfortable situations and her life’s journey is what inspired Caterina House and laid the foundation for everything we stand for today.

  • A Life of Courage and Determination

    Caterina's story is highlighted because of her resilience. After getting married and starting her new life in Syracuse, Sicily, she embraced life's challenges head-on and settled to the best of her abilities. When her husband became ill, he insisted that she take over his business once he recognized Caterina's exceptional capabilities. Joan entrusted her with the management of his real estate and business affairs, further proving that she was resourceful and skillful in a time when major responsibilities were rarely placed in women's hands.

  • Breaking Down Barriers

    Even with Caterina’s royal connections she still felt defeated at times. Once, she wrote a letter to her sister that read, "How difficult it is to make your way as a woman in the world of commerce, which moves between the action of men and the action of God!" These words came from the rejection she faced in a male-dominated world. Once again, with light shined on her entrepreneurial spirit, she kept working, turning her family's businesses into leading commercial entities in the Mediterranean.

  • A Legacy to Remember

    Caterina Llull Sabastida is celebrated as Spain's first female businesswoman. She was motherhood, entrepreneurship, and leadership all in one. With everything she endured, she always made sure to make her family proud. In 1495, she passed away in her hometown of Barcelona, but her legacy of overcoming obstacles and setting new standards continues to inspire many women today.


Our history

Our venture into the world of serviced apartments began in 2013. This was a significant year for Caterina House as we took a chance to acquire a historical building with 20 fully refurbished apartments. The vision we created with our apartments gave us purpose and added to this legacy, which was a rewarding journey that laid the foundation for what Caterina House is today.


Each apartment was tailored to meet the specific requirements of our corporate client and proved to be successful in our endeavors. This was the first time that we realized achievement at an accelerated growth that only drove our passions further.

Officially embarking in the right direction, Caterina House launched a property comprised of 18 apartments in 2018


In 2021, there was a turning point that led us to venture more deeply into the corporate apartment sector and rebrand as Caterina Corporate House.

She continues to shape the future of our company as we continue to leave a lasting impact in the world of modern living.

This strategic move represented more than a name change, it mirrored a deeper knowledge of our client's unique needs and helped us understand a broader vision of the market. From the very beginning to the present day, our journey was inspired by Caterina's perseverance and ambitious spirit.


In 2023, we partnered with Meridia Capital Partners which was a huge milestone that showcased our ability to commit to excellence and innovation. Overall, it enabled us to broaden our portfolio while elevating the quality of our services, and we are hopeful for more collaborations to come.

The team that makes it possible

Manuel Vidal-Quadras


Raúl Parrales


Mafe Díaz

Co-Founder / Head of Sales Operations

Vicente Fernández

Director of Sales

Carlos Arias

Operations Manager

María de la Viña

Expansion Director

Guillermo Albarran

Real Estate Agent

Helena O’Rorke

Account Manager B2B

Beatrice Paglino

Reservations Specialist

Iñigo Sainz

Sales Manager Madrid

Haoqi Wu

B2B Account Specialist

Cinthia Plata

Property Manager Barcelona

Mari Troitiño

Facility Manager

Nashly Santos Barzola

Accounts Receivable

Laura Montolio

Property Manager

Alina Shvedava

Property Manager Barcelona

Vanesa Rico

Property Manager Madrid

Alejandro Ancos

Financial Analyst

Luciana Haquin

Opening Projects and Quality Control Coordinator

Paula Valls

Product and Project Manager

Ingrid Manzano

Accounts Receivable

Javier Vieta Bores

Chief Financial Officer

Juan Carlos Torres


Sofia Romance

Property Manager

Anabel Martínez

Property Manager Madrid

Laura Delgado

Property Manager Málaga

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