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Activities to do at Easter in Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga


What is the NIE and How to Apply for it in Spain?

Curious about the NIE and its application process in Spain? Learn everything you need to know about this crucial identification number and how to obtain it hassle-free.

What is the Average Rent Price in Barcelona?


How Do Flexible Stay Apartments Work?


Starting a business in Spain


How to rent an apartment in Spain?


5 Reasons for Companies to Choose Flexible Leasing to Relocate Employees


Serviced Apartments in Madrid: Your Ultimate Accommodation Guide


Madrid gains prominence in Caterina's national portfolio with the new Plaza Castilla building, adding 18 apartments in a residential area


Unlocking Comfort: The Allure of Furnished & Equipped Serviced Apartments


Experience the Magic: The Best Christmas Markets in Spain


We've reached 300 apartments in Spain by incorporating our new building, Aragón 90, in Barcelona


Monthly Rentals: Your Ultimate Guide to Flexible Housing


Furnished & Equipped: Your Dream Home Awaits


Corporate Apartments vs. Hotels: Which Offers Better Value


Making Your Move: The Ultimate Checklist for Serviced Apartment Rentals

Why Serviced Apartments Are the Ultimate Choice for Mid-term Stays


Serviced Accommodation Solutions for Businesses: Why Companies Choose Our Serviced Apartments

Caterina House is moving forward in its expansion process with the Liceu building in Barcelona

Spain: The Second Best Country to Live In and the Ultimate Experience in Barcelona, Madrid, and Málaga

Caterina House now has 200 apartments under management, with the addition of the Editorial building in Barcelona to its portfolio

Monthly Rent in Barcelona: Exploring 5 Lesser-Known Attractions

Essential Tips for Business Travelers: Making the Most of Corporate Apartments

The best business idea is the one that provides a solution to a problem

The Great Lady of Spanish Journalism

Business trips with a European technology entrepreneur

The first businesswoman in Spain

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