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Want to extend your stay in one of Spain’s finest cities? This is where you can discover the benefits Caterina has for you. Find out which discounted rate suits you the best.


% off

10% off for Your Rentals

Macba 3 bedrooms

Macba, Barcelona

Longer Stays, Bigger Discounts: Book your modern apartment for over 3 months and enjoy an exclusive 10% off. Your extended home awaits.


% off

Save 15% on Stays Exceeding 6 Months

Macba 3 bedrooms

Macba, Barcelona

Planning to stay in Spain for a while? Well, Caterina House has you covered. You can enjoy a 15% discount when you stay with us for more than six months. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy this offer if you are looking for a long term accommodation. This is a perfect option for professionals looking to live in Spain at a better price.

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