About us

Caterina is the first business woman in Spain

Caterina Llull Sabastida was born in 1440 in Barcelona, Spain. 

She lived in the neighbourhood of La Ribera, the city’s comercial district at the time. Soon after marrying, she moved to Siracusa, Sicily for her husband’s work, where she would have her 4 children.

When her husband became gravely ill, and, knowing Caterina’s great potential, he drafted a will in which he gave her the power to manage his real estate and business negotiations, something unusual for the time. “How difficult it is to break through as a woman in the world of commerce, which moves between the action of men and the action of God” – she once asked her sister.

Inspired by her family, Caterina spent long periods of time in important cities in order to closely follow her business dealings. She would go on to consolidate her company as one of the main economic operators of the Mediterranean.

She is considered to be the first businesswoman in Spain. A woman who was revolutionary for her time, a mother, a business owner, a traveller, and a polyglot. Caterina died in Barcelona in 1495, but her legacy is still alive. 

With the hard work of our skilled specialists, limitless determination, and through the caring nature of our services, we do our best to humbly honour her memory. 

Our history

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” - Arthur Ashe

As a team, we have been operating serviced apartments since 2013. Our first building hosts 20 unique and completely renovated apartment, which helped to form the foundation of Caterina´s management portfolio. This building is historically significant not only to Caterina, but also to the entire world of the arts, as the famous painter Pablo Picasso grew up there.

Our proximity to the Barcelona harbour started bringing corporate clients that needed accommodation while their ships where in maintenance; that’s when we realized there was a need for a professionally managed serviced apartments company. Just like our patron Caterina, we saw an opportunity to expand our business into new markets and explore. 


“Until the contract is signed, nothing is real.” - Glenn Danzig

In 2018 we closed our first building as operator with 18 apartments that offer our corporate guests accommodation that’s specially designed for their needs: high speed internet, working desk, fully supported by our 24/7 support team and weekly cleaning. From that very year our development began to accelerate at a fast speed with no intention of stopping.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

2021 was the year of a new discovery for our team, where we explored the market niche even further and decided to fully enter the corporate apartment sector as Caterina Corporate House. From now on, our goal is not only to understand the specific needs of our customers and partners, but also of the market as a whole. We are currently working on expanding our portfolio, with many other properties already coming soon. 

Our core values

  • Customer centric approach with love & care.
  • Total transparency & desire to help.
  • Career & passion should always come together.
  • Give nothing less than your best. 

Caterina inspires us

Our team ingeniously applies their deep knowledge of the market towards the understanding of client’s needs. Caterina’s story inspires us to make a difference in our guests’ lives by:

  • Providing a professional and efficient service with 24/7 support;
  • Equipping our fully furnished appartments with all appliances guests might need and even more;
  • Catering corporate client´s needs and budget requirements. 

The Caterina team

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